Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am not happy.

Just got back from visiting Aiden.

He's doing alright. He's looked.... better... but he's doing well I suppose. He wants out of there. They're uncomfortable with letting him go. He is a candidate for 'early dismissal' since he doesn't seem to be interested in harming himself at all and is showing more remorse than any other person they have.

Why am I angry? Because since I was not blood related I could not stay the full extent of visiting hours. Yep. You heard it right. I was not allowed to stay because I was not blood related. Explaining we were engaged to be married in a month? Nope. Not allowed. That's when Aiden started spazzing and sobbing and clinging to me. I couldn't let him go. I started crying too. I just... ugh that's just too much to deal with. I ended up being dragged out by security. I have to say the guard was really apologetic and sorry he had to do it. I mean for gods sakes did none of those nurses see that I was doing him good by being there?! Fucking hells.

Ok... sorry for the cursing and swearing. I'm not happy. I came in the house slammed the door and stormed up here and just... cried for a bit. Not much else I can do.

I've pretty much decided. I'm going to call Slendy in for an interview tonight... and....

I'm going to ask him to bring Aiden home. I'm doing it against my better judgement but Aiden did not try and take his life. He doesn't need to be there. So I'm going to see what I can do about this.

So if you have any questions you would like for the Slender Man to ask please give 'em to me. I'm hoping to have this done tonight. I'll pull out the good ol' white board and we'll have fun with that for the interview.

Ok, I'm out to get a list of questions made up. I also want to check the site where we found Aiden. snow's melting so may be hard to use blood trail or footprints to follow. I'll drag Yggs with me. I want to check this shit out. Would be helpful to have a Hatchling with me for it, y'know in case we need to make a quick escape for any reason.

Anyways I'll be here but not. For whatever sense that makes.


  1. I've got one! "Why the fuck did you have to fucking screw up Zerosage?"

  2. How bout "Why the fuck are you fucking with Joce?!" I think that's a better one.

    But yeah i'll add that.

  3. No! I don't care about me. I can take it. Don't waste a question on me. What if you only can get a limited number of answers? Ask about zerosage.

  4. A quick escape and raw fucking POWER bitches! Yeah this is going to be cool.

  5. @Yggs- down boy. Don't get too worked up over this. It may be nothing.

    @Joce- alright alright. I'll just ask about Zero.
    Just keep in mind... Slendy's like... Aiden's adoptive parent or something.....

    Speaking of Aiden he just randomly appeared in the bedroom. This is interesting.

  6. Here's one.


    Oh and I'll be sure to kick him a few hundred times for good measure.