Sunday, January 30, 2011


As we were sitting and talking with Taben over breakfast this morning he brought to my attention that people out in the "Slenderverse" as he called it, are considering trying to find a branch of the world tree, Yggdrasil;
They believe it's a very big important thing to get rid of Slendy.

Before people find this (and Taben's pretty insistent they may) I want to not that the title of my blog had nothing to do with the "Slenderverse" or Slender Man when I made it. I am pagan. The World Tree/Tree of Life is a very large part of my life. I've always followed it.

No, I'm not your hero, or Savior or whatever people want to call me. I'm just an average man trying to live his life. I'd never even heard of Slender Man until this New Year's even stuff started. I never saw him until a few days ago. I'm not wanting to destroy Slender Man. I come from the pagan belief that all life is sacred and even if this person deserves it, he'll never find death by my hands.

Just wanted to put this clarification out there. Only reason this exist is because my fiancée told me I should make it. So I made it. I may not update very often or be very active. I made it to have some peace with Aiden. That is all. (seriously, have you ever had someone constantly nag you because you've not made an online blog? I had to make him shut up. [I love you Aiden, don't hate me for this])

And I feel the need to come back and edit this as whilst I was reviewing the post I made I noticed I had two new followers that I had no idea who they were. So, uh. Hi? I'm surprised to see this honestly, but Aiden assures me we may get more. I dunno how I feel about that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aiden's been hounding me.

"Post it!" he keeps telling me.
"Post your feeling on it please, I want to know!" I got texted these things several times today.

I don't know what I feel to be truthfully honest.

It's like finally learning that Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy are real.
It's a kind of 'oh... so that's how it is then' feeling. I don't know if there's anything really to say about it.  I don't have real feelings or thoughts it's just. Well it's fact now.

All of that aside, it's a really creepy fact to finally find out about. And to see it is even creepier. You don't think things like that are real. And then it's there. Living, breathing right before your eyes. How does he breathe? How does he live? I keep getting told he's evil and a monster, yet Allen's attached to this 'man'. And the man seems attached to and fond of Allen wanting to take care of him. I don't see any evil in this. I'm so confused and don't know what to say or do. I admit. I never watched the videos like I said I would. I just thought it was another of Aiden's silly obsessions. I was annoyed cause Branwen was feeding them and letting them breed and grow. Maybe I should watch these videos now. But at the same time, maybe I don't want to. I'm content with accepting this 'man' as being the benevolent, kind hearted caring creature that I saw him being yesterday. I don't want to see this 'monster' that others say he is.

I will take time though and apologize to Aiden and to Branwen for calling them childish fools wanting to believe in fairy tales. Apparently fairy tales are real.

I apologize guys. Love ya both and I'm sorry.

Also, don't worry. As long as we stick together we'll get through it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My poor house...

So I came home from work after having my one class. Boxes are everywhere in the house. The house feels all littered and just cluttered and, well it's a frustrating feeling really. But hey at least this means we have friends coming to live. New people. More life. There's not enough life in this old place anymore. It'll be nice to have it more filled up.

I guess I should explain a bit about how I managed to come about buying a house, and being a home owner at the age of 22.  Well, almost 22, my birthday's next month so I feel alright saying 22.

I grew up in a small family. My parents and Aiden's parents were always very close. We always hung out and everyone new everyone.  Grandparents were close and everything. Well, I have a sister. She is one of those born again Christians that even Christians hate. You know, the ones that aren't even Christian because they judge and hate everything? Yeah one of those. Note, that I was raised i a Pagan household. My parents are Pagan and my grandparents were Pagan and so on and so forth. My parents were accepting and loving of my sister as were my grandparents. Everyone was happy and things were hunky dory.

Then I came out as being gay. My sister's 6 years older than me. She had already graduated high school at this time and was working to live her own life. Found a man, settled down, had kids. Then she finds out I'm gay and goes bat shit insane and disowns me as family. My parents and grandparents aren't happy and kinda fight her on it but try and keep the peace. Aiden's parents... well Aiden's parents stuck to themselves because, well Aiden was always gay. We always knew he was gay and we were always alright. My sister was fine with that. I guess it's when her family got involved in the 'filth' that it wasn't as okay? Or maybe she thinks it'd reflect badly on us.

It basically came down to it getting really all out bad and started tearing our families apart.... then my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. For a short time we all lived in peace visiting my grandfather spending as much time with him. It was terminal. they gave him a few months to a year.  To make a long story short, my sister turned on me and Aiden and started blaming us. saying God's punishing grandfather because we're gay. This was just.. insane and the families exploded in arguing again. everyone was against my sister. My sister only against Aiden and me. It was a down right mess. We prefer not to talk about it but I think it's time I talked about it and moved on.

So grandfather was ticked off about this. Not happy and he told her flat out "I know who is being removed from my will then" Sister had a field day with that. And pissed us off even more. (sorry for the cursing but it still really makes me mad, I tend to not use curse words unless I'm angry and... i'm rambling apologies) Apparently in the end it became apparent that my sister was only hanging onto any of us because of my grandfather's money. Grandfather said he was going to give her share to Aiden. You know what happened then? Take a wild guess.

She turned on Aiden. She threatened his life. She said she was going to kill him that God had plans for her money from grandfather and a dirty 'fag' like him didn't deserve any of it. God deserved the money for the good of God's children. It was... it was really ugly. What was even uglier? When she actual hired people to try and kill Aiden. Her boyfriend at the time and several guys he knew jumped Aiden when he and I were on a date one night. And, well it was an ugly mess. I was scared for Aiden's life he was hurt so bad. The things thugs do for some money right? they were all promised shares of the money she'd be given Funny cause she didn't even have any. When they found out she'd been removed from the will. Yeah guess who they turned in.

So sister was convicted. She was gonna do jail time. But no, you know what she did? she too the 'Christian' way out. The day they were going to take her off to the clink she comes over to where Aiden and I were and says that she's doing this for 'God' she shot Aiden. Fucking shot Aiden. and... then me... and then turned it on herself...  Obviously we were both alright. she was trembling and had bad aim. Aiden was hurt worse than me (I'm guessing the thought of taking her brother's life was too much). i only got it in the shoulder. Aiden got it in the stomach. she waisted no time to be sure she didn't suffer.... and... yeah...

I don't know how I got onto this subject.... but it was a long time ago. Well not long... basically after this happened my grandfather felt it was his fault. He left everything to me. EVERYTHING. This house, his money everything was left to me with a note saying to take care of Aiden. He was happy for us. He loved Aiden and... yeah now I'm missing my Pop pop. But at least you all know how I became a home owner at the age of 22.

Specifics on the house? It's huge.  I'll leave it at that. We've got Taben and Ryan moving in and taking the second master bedroom (there were three in this house) Allen will be taking the room he always stays in when they stay the night. And there are still three bedrooms left for guests. Each master bedroom has a bathroom of it's own and then there's a half bath. Huge den. Large basement that expands the full length of the house. it's a two story monster.

and i'm really worked up now... so i'm gonna stop here. I'm gonna go help they guys. If I help then we'll have the last loads over here and it's just the furniture that need dealing with. I'm going. I need to calm down. And apologies to Aiden. Felt kinda good to get this out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Brennon does not know what the heck to post.

I told Aiden that I'd post about last night's going ons though, so, here I am yet again.  Posting.

So, I think it started when Aiden got back from the hospital.. He was going to the bathroom looked out the upstairs hall window and saw some woman standing out in the road. He pointed it out and I just commented that we had knew people move in a bit down the street and they were likely just checking out the neighborhood. Aiden accepted that excuse and put it off. Each time that he had to leave our room in the evening and go to the restroom he would point out that she was there... staring an it was creepy. By time I'd go to look she'd be gone. I honestly thought it was just Aiden being sick and still hallucinating some. Hell before he went into the hospital he was seeing this Slender Man character all over the place and it really didn't help matters any.

So last night Aiden had gotten fed up with me calling the whole hallucinating thing and drug me to the window and sure enough there she was. So, I decided to investigate. Aiden stayed there to make sure she didn't leave and I went out to talk to her. Her name's Edana. Her family just moved in down the street after immigrating from Ireland. I guess her dad got hired in for some company over here. It's kind of weird because you don't generally hear about people being immigrated for jobs here in Ohio but, I guess it could happen. I wouldn't doubt it for a minute though. She had a very thick accent and was very friendly like they say those people are. We struck up a conversation and soon enough Aiden came out and watched from the porch he's kinda shy about new people and, well the chick had really creeped him out. I mentioned that Aiden had mentioned he'd seen her standing out here. She seemed really embarrassed obviously not having known she'd been caught. She explained that she was trying to figure out if I was alone or if I lived with someone. She had seen me leaving in the morning but there were two cars. I told her yes I lived there. I lived with my fiancée. And that's when Aiden joined me. "Oh, well I'd love to meet her, I was kinda hoping you were alone, but that's wishful thinking" She was really shy and flirty and I could feel Aiden getting really irritated beside me. I just kind f chuckled and gestured to Aiden and introduced her. When she heard 'my fiancée, Aiden' her eyes went wide and she blushed a horrible deep shade of red. She was polite and apologized and was just blushing under Aiden's glare. Aiden kissed my cheek and said he was going to go inside cause he was freezing. He wasn't even halfway to the door when she asked, shy and polite "Well... even so.. would you like to go out sometime?" I was floored... she had the gall to ask me out with Aiden right there. Of course Aiden has these ears that hear everything and he lost it. He turned around and started screaming at her. After much yelling I finally convinced him to go inside and i broke off the conversation and told her how rude she was. Sorry. I try and be polite most times but, no more mister nice Brennon after that.

So the rest of my night was spent calming Aiden down. Aiden knows without question that I'm his and he's mine. He knows I'm not gonna go frolicking off... but.. that really put him at unease. He swears there's more to it and that there's more to it. I don't really think there is. He just wants there to be. He's been swearing up and down that this has something to do with this whole Slender Man stuff that he's into. I'm sorry but, there's no such thing as Slender Man. It's a made up creature. It was started on Something Awful for love of the Goddess. That should say everything right there. I figure like all his other obsessions this one will also pass, by this time next month we'll be more worried about wedding plans than anything. We're still debating a date. No worries, I'll let everyone know when we decide on it.

Anywyas, I'm going to go. Aiden's not home yet, I figure he'll prolly be home around 4-5. I'm going to see if I can't surprise him with another nice dinner again. Have a nice romantic evenings together. I'm sure he's probably still a bit bothered by this young girl (I mean she was maybe like... 18? 19?) I'm just going to make sure he won't have to worry and prove to him I'm all his. I love this man more than anything. I'm happy to spend my life with him.

I'll catch you all later.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day off: Aiden's home

Got our stock pot simmering some of my home made chicken soup. Aiden came home, I made him a can of chicken soup and he passed out. I'm glad to have him home, even if he is sleeping. At least his snoring amounts for something. He's being kept warm and he's sleeping peacefully. Thank the Gods he's doing better. Was so worried for him for a while. I dunno what I'd have done if something had happened to him.

Ok, gonna stop the mushy stuff and work on this story I have due for work.  As well as keep an eye on the chicken soup I'm making. debating if I should go to the store for noodles or not. Don't want to leave Aiden home alone.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick update

Between stories at work. Taking a moment to stop, get something to eat and use Starbucks' wi-fi to update. Since I came right home and went to bed last night after visiting Aiden. He was awake (finally) really confused but it's nice to see him being responsive. His fever's dropped and he seems to be getting strength back slowly. Doc says that likely tomorrow will be his release. It'll be nice to have him home, it's too quiet without him. And that just makes the place big, eerie and just... really creepy. Ah well how many people can say that they own a home at the age of twenty-two? Still, it'll be nice for things to be not as quiet and the house a little more filled. Now if we could just solve the desire for a house mate.

Ok, need to get going the next destination is about an hour away. I've had my coffee and scone. I'll be visiting Aiden after I'm done and have reported in. I'll try and update tonight. I don't usually do this stuff (the journal thing) but I want people to be updated. Ah well. Maybe I'll keep using it once Aiden's home. Prolly won't happen though.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So here I am.

Yeah, my fiancée had been bugging me and poking me for forever to make an account here and start blogging. Well I'm here.  I couldn't find people that would need to know so I made a blog to find them through their blogs and contact them.

I've just gotten back from the hospital. Aiden's been there since Tuesday morning when he had a fever of 105 and couldn't move and... well I was scared to death. Apparently that H1N1 stuff is still going around, and I'm even happier now that I had the vaccine and am considered safe. I stayed with Aiden until they declared that he was safe and not in any danger. I couldn't call off work again or I'd risk loosing my job. With luck they'll be releasing him Tuesday. They want to keep him a week and make sure that he's no longer contagious or a danger. It was... really scary there. I was so scared I was going to loose him. It was so scary how he just... plummeted from being so well to.. nothing. He was sleeping horrible and I contributed it to the creepy movies he and out friends Bran and Tabby had watched new years eve. The fact he was bothered by events that had happened to Bran that evening and the next morning. Apparently it was all due to him being sick though. Or so it seems. I can't wait for him to get home. I've been so worried and scared and now that we've been given a grean light and an okay I feel I can calm down. I'm going to go back and visit him again but I just needed to come home, shower and vent. It's been extremely stressful the last few days. At least Aiden's better. Things will get better now.  It's so quiet in this house without him. I can't wait to have him back.