Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been fighting with this code crap from the post in Aiden's blog here.

I got it down to this:


So I was in the midst of trying to pull it apart the guy here that knows the code and stuff? He shows me this website:  So I go through the motions and sure enough there were go...

...Yeah, you're all gonna love this.... Here's what it says.

He comes in then quickly out he goes.
Do you feel good without him, do you even need him? Do you know?
Let him die. Let yourself cry. He's dead to the world.
Crow wings have unfurled. 

Good luck in saving your saint, your hero, your friend.
Never again to turn the bend.
Gone away,
Go astray.
How many lived have I taken this day?

Let him die,
let him go.
You don't need him,
don't you know.

The piper does not need his little pup.
Let him die.
Let others cry.
Tell Aiden goodbye.

So yeah. I'll be happy to get out of here and see Aiden. They're letting me go early so I can make the visiting hours. For now I'm happy that they're going to send me out on an assignment after lunch. I need something to help keep me distracted and busy until the time comes.Ugh this is just bleh. I'm ready for this to be over and done. just wanted to give you all an update.


  1. Oh, aw...I thought I was all fast and stuff.

  2. Sorry. Though maybe you were faster than me? It took me a few hours to get it down to just the url coding. Then the co-worker came and told me what everything was. Gave me yet another site for translating this crap. Seriously. Why is this guy working as a newspaper reporter if he can guess code so well?

  3. Don't ask me! Maybe he should get to work on that FBI code they need to get cracked.

    Or the sculpture thing.

  4. FBI Code? Sculpture?

    You've lost me, Joce.