Monday, March 21, 2011


Was going to post this in reply to Bran's post but figured I'd let everyone in on this now since I've told Ai about it. (I like that nickname for him Bran, I'm keeping it)

Aiden's passed out now.

He yelled at me about Bran's post. As well as my post I made. I told him strait up how I felt. He screamed flailed and did the whole "proxies are stupid and unbelievable" denial thing then flopped on the bed and passed out.

See how I mean, Bran? He's not Aiden as much. The normal Aiden would have kept going on and on and on. Like that song that doesn't end. I'm really worried. I honestly think Aiden was 'proxiefied' or something. This is just worrisome. His wounds are healing up really fast... except for the ones on his back. They're sticky and gooey and just.. gross.... I've been cleaning them like the hospital said to do. While I was out clearing things up with work and getting my stay at home assignments so I can stay at home and take care of Aiden, I had Taben cleaning them. Taben's been giving me a whole lot of different theories which are just silly or just more worrisome.

I'm ready to just be able to rest and relax. But I'm so worried and scared. I just hope we can rest peacefully for a while. I can tell you one thing. I'm not letting Aiden out of my sight for as long as can be helped. I can't keep asking Slendy to babysit him either. I mean I'm sure He's got more important things to do. Though he seems extremely amused tonight. At least it seems like it just before he left when I got back. I wonder what Aiden was talking to him about....

Ok. Early bed time for me tonight. Gonna cling to Aiden and hopefully sleep well.


  1. I was gonna say...sorry I kind of stupidly clued him in by accident.

    Except he probably would have found out anyways. Ah well. Now he knows.

    Do you think...that's really it? Should we talk to Ygg about it?

    ~ Branwen

  2. I didn't tell him that part.... I just told him I thought he was being turned into a proxy... I should tell him the whole of it but, meh. I have no clue what to do. I'm worried. It's fine though. he needs his sleep. I have no idea who to talk to. I need to talk to Slendy. I mean hell wouldn't Slendy be able to sense something like that in Ai? Maybe I should attempt to tie down Slendy and try and force him to talk.

    Besides if what we're talking about is the case... yeah I don't want to go there. The very idea scares me. I'm gonna keep thinking the four revolve around Ygg. It's safer that way. I should be sleeping. But I can't. I can't stop worrying.