Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick interview

So Slender Man came. the interview was... very quick. It surprised me that he appeared right in our room out of no where. I'll get strait to it. Note, I'm not going to type it out the way he writes it all jumbled together. It's too hard to really decipher.

S: Whereisyourmate,theoneyoucallAiden

Me: He's in the hospital. I figured you'd know that being th all knowing powerful being you art. What the fuck are you doing to him? Why are you making him like this?

S: Icannotfindhim.IhavelookedandwaitedIcameheretoaskmuchthesamequestion.Howareyouhidinghimfromme?

Me: I'm not.... you mean you really can't sense where he is? Or know what the hell's going on with the entries he's been making?

S: Entries...?

I show him the entries Aiden's made. He looks at them reads them and he got... well to say pissed would be putting it mildly. He is NOT happy.

S: Iamgoing.Beonlookout.thisisnotgood.IWILLKILL!!

And with that he left.

So yeah. I'm really really worried now... Something really nasty is going down. As long as it leaves Aiden out of it and we can have our wedding like we plan, it'll all be good. Right? Please say that things will get better.


  1. WTF? I made actual sentences not Slender Man speak. WTF?

  2. God damnit...

    I thought It would stay away from you...

    I'm so sorry, guys. I hope I'm not the reason It's hurting him...

    ~ Branwen