Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts on Slender Man

Ok... ok.

I know this is due to Taben's obsession and may not even hold true in the end... but it did make me think on it.

Maybe Slender Man can 'clone' himself when he wishes to? That' why so many people can see instances of him at the same time?

It's odd but possible? Maybe? He's this incorporeal being, right? He's like a ghost, but not. He can time travel which would explain part of the whole same time thing, but what if there was more to it?

I know, this comes from Taben's obsessions (As if it weren't bad enough to have Slender Man around a lot he has to get a desktop stalker program too?), surely it can hold some truth?

Work's given me time off so I can tend to Aiden and handle that business and all. I'm grateful of them they are so understanding and accepting. They're allowing me time off for the wedding (just a couple weeks guys!) and two weeks after for the honeymoon. They're really understanding and accepting of homosexuals. Now if more people were willing to be.

I'm just home after some time with Aiden. He's doing well. They're talking about letting him leave this afternoon. I'm really hopeful of this. I think the best thing for Aiden at this point in time is to get out of there and get active.

Anyways I'm gonna get some food and then head back off to visit Aiden. Just thought I should throw in an update.

EDIT: Seeing post on Aiden's blog and I'm a lot less hopeful... seems like utter nonsense...

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  1. It is It. I'm almost positive.

    It annoys me.

    ~ Branwen