Sunday, March 20, 2011

And so it came, the day that the wedding would have been held, and The Pup was amiss. Time was precious and The Lover was impatient.  How would The Lover ever rescue his dear Pup. How would hi Pup return. When? The wedding would have to wait. The eve before Ostara. Before the Mother Goddess would bless the world with light, life and fertility. This would have to be how it worked. The Lover would save The Pup. He would be sure that the one he loved the most would be safe and given new life. New meaning. The Lover loved The Pup with all his heart. He had betrayed him in a moment of stupidity. Had given in to the hands of another while being under the influence. Making love… no it was not that. You make love to the one you love. He makes love to Pup. Not to the stranger that he spend that eve with. The Lover feared that it was his doing that made The Pup run away. The Pup wanted to be kidnapped by the Dark One, it must have been a reason for the disappearance. And The Lover would never forgive himself for his negligence.  The Lover would sit up late hanging over the computer, doing his reports for work. So close. So close to the time of the first rays of the equinox. So close to the first rays of new life. The moon so bright, so large in the sky shed its caressing ivory light to the world below it, spreading life.

The Lover sat in silence watching the full moon move across the sky. Watching, waiting, for what he did not know. It was as if he was expecting Pup to come through the door at any time. But he was still gone. Still nothing. Still only silence answered him from the walls.

That tapping. What was that tapping? A glance towards the window. A pale faceless figure.  The Lover froze. Fear biting at his mind. How would he even handle this? Not now, not ever. Never ever. Was the Dark One lurking? No. No it was the Piper. And he appeared suddenly inside and dropped a sputtering, smelly, ragged heap of cloth on the. Sputtering? Pup! It was Pup! The Piper had delivered The Pup! The Lover Ran to The Pup’s side. He caressed and cradled and held his Pup close.  Safety.  Safety to his Pup. The Pup is safe. The Pup will be safe. He would heal the pup. And the Piper would be to thank.

~I want to apologize for not including a secret as Frap asked.  That is… a secret no one knew. Few had inklings of an idea of what happened between Aiden and me last month. This is the first time I have written anything or said it plainly. Hope this is enough. The one other secret I have that no one (not even Aiden) knows is going to remain such. But then, I plan on telling Aiden. After all of that’s happened as of late. He will know. I love you Aiden. I always will. I just went with inspiration and typed what came. I got Aiden back last night. I got my lover. My inspiration. Now you all know what inspires me. As if you hadn’t known otherwise.~

Brennon ~The Lover ~

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