Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stressed much?

Who, me? Couldn't be! Never! Note to self. Don't ask to leave early, you end up staying later.

So I got a call from Sam early this afternoon. She'd found a random stranger on the couch. Well then. I tell her I'll be home soon and ask to leave early. Boss tells me "sure can you do this? it's important" So I go and do it. And wait in line for like two hours. Then get on the express way to come home. Really nasty car accident is holding up traffic. I just finally got home like a half hour ago. I checked on our unexpected guest. He's alive, but yeah, doesn't looks so well. I'm trying to ponder how he got there when The Slender Man appeared. Out of nowhere. He seemed... to not be happy. He was seething actually. I've never seen so many tentacles going crazy.

~I hope he is appreciative of my leniency. I will not be so again.~ He said violently. I could hear the anger. His voice was akin to what I'm told It's voice sounds like. Instead of the calm almost melodic voice I've heard before. It was opposite. I was taken by surprise at this. I asked him if he knew who it was and how he got here. His reply? ~You'll know in time.~ And with that he was gone. And then I saw It at the back door peering in. It never comes in. Just stands at the back door anymore. Which I'm grateful for. And even so... this is the first time I'd seen It in a while. So I'm also a bit concerned and curious.

Ok. So. That's that. Aiden, Taben. I hope you guys plan on coming home soon. Allen and Ry are really touchy and really missing you Taben and of course I'm missing you Ai. Take care and stay safe you guys. I'll get the guest rooms ready. I'm going to assume for the time being that this is Chastin. And in which case, I think you three should make your way here ASAP. I'll see ya guys later.

Everyone else stay safe. I just have the feeling something bad is going to go down... and it's gonna happen soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011


We heard from Aiden and Taben two days ago. They had said they had just gotten into the area of where Malkin and Chastin were. They were on a mission of sorts to go and get them and bring them back here so they would be safe and we could get stuff figured out for them. I guess they had had problems getting there or something? They had gotten lost? I don't know the whole of it, I didn't ask I was just relieved to hear from the,. Their mode of transportation should be pretty instantaneous though, so I'm a big concerend now that I think on it more.

So this is a shout out to Chastin and/or Malkin. Have Aiden and Taben gotten there? And they just can't get to phone or computer and update us? We're getting kinda worried over here.

By the way, hello everyone. No. I'm not dead. I've graduated and gone full time into working. I come home in the evening have dinner and go to bed. Home life is just that. Home life. just a bit screwy since we have the No Faced Gang hanging around all the time. It still puts me on edge every time I see them appear. I don't know how anyone can get used to it. I don't know how Aiden and Taben do it.

But yeah, if anyone sees this let us know what the heck's up please? It would be very much appreciated.