Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh what a night

So Todd kind of got a bit frustrated. Aiden was blocking him out he said. My deduction now that things have happened and gone down? It was blocking Todd from Aiden. Todd says he can hear Aiden now. Course Aiden is also 'safe' now. So what happened? The events of last night went something like this.

Todd goes out to try and find Aiden. I'm waiting on the back porch watching. We hear Aiden yelling and screaming and cursing. At least he's alive. Todd goes towards the screams. He comes back utterly frustrated saying that when he was finally on top of him he moved. Okay, that's interesting. I decided screw it I'll help. Not like with Aiden being blocked that Todd has any better chance of finding him than me. So I grab a flashlight and into the woods we go. At night. It's dark. I've never been in these woods at night. But we're safe, right? There's a truce intact while on our property. Our property is the safe haven. As though reading my mind Todd points out that we just crossed the property markers. Thank you for that reassurance Todd.

This is when we hear Aiden's blood curdling scream ahead and we take off running. Though Todd's faster than me, being proxy bastard and all. He knows something I don't. I can tell from how he's wincing. This worries me more. I finally catch up and we're following a trail of blood. I'm scared shitless now. We follow the trail and finally reach Aiden. He's sprawled on the ground sobbing. and... bleeding. Bleeding really bad. Tod says nothing grabs Aiden grabs me, i don't know how but we're by the car I pile Aiden into it and everything is a blur as I get him to the hospital they take him back and work on him and it's just a blur a big blur. They finally just told me that they're keeping him for a while. Slit wrists and attempted slit throat? What the hell. I know this isn't Aiden's doing but how do I tell them some paranormal abomination is what did this to Aiden?

So they're going to keep Allen in their psych-ward for a bit. They want to evaluate him get him on meds. I will say he did need to get back on his meds but.. this isn't how I wanted it to happen.

Yeah, Aiden was on meds back in the day for depression and anxiety. All the bullying in high school because he was gay really did a number on him. It's one of the reasons he didn't go to college as well. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm really worried. I mean, how did Aiden get off the property. Did Aiden follow It? Or did It drag Aiden off? We know it was It. Slendy's really pissed off right now about this and wanting to beat the ever living shit out of it. He was dealing with other things and didn't realize what was happening. He wants to get Aiden out of the hospital. I'm trying to convince him that Aiden needs this. It's.. really frustrating to argue with Him though. He doesn't completely understand it seems. He started uh 'yelling' at Todd for not being here. I don't know what was going on but I got between the, Told Todd to go to Branwen and explain what happened. Then told Slendy to just go do his thing. I'm working on getting ready for work. They only allow visitation at certain times at the ward. I'll go in when visitation opens and go see him. Take him clean clothes and just.. ugh. I didn't leave until he was in the ward and resting peacefully. I'm just really hoping he doesn't start going on about Slendy. And seeing things and crap. That could cause more problems than we need.

Ok. Going to go.  Gotta work. Explain what happened. Get junk done so I can be out early. Need to send a note to Ygg as well. Ugh. So much to do. Oh and then there's that damned message on Aiden's blog. I can tell you honestly that Aiden did not post that. He was out in the woods and we were searching for him and following blood trails in the snow. You know how hard it is to follow something that doesn't leave foot prints?

Ok out for real. see ya all. Thanks to anyone that can translate the gibberish.

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