Monday, March 14, 2011


Searching was bust. As expected.

Haven't seen Slender Man around. I don't know if he knows. I'm guessing if he does that he's out looking for Aiden as well.

I just wish I knew what was going on.

I'm just... so tiered right now. So I'm going to try and sleep. Twenty-four hours will have hit by time I wake up and I can file a missing person's report on Aiden.

That is if I can sleep. I'll let you all in on a secret.

Aiden's obnoxious snoring is music to my ears. It soothes me and helps me sleep.

I don't know how I'll sleep without that tonight. I just hope Aiden makes it back safe. And I hope he makes it back soon.

Also, interesting fact that I was thinking on while we were out searching today.

I started thinking on the whole furry thing. See, Aiden's furry persona is a rodent morph. Know what young rodents are called? If you guessed 'pup' you get a medal.

The more you know. Right?

EDIT: I just saw the post on Aiden's blog. I can't decode it though... and I'm too flustered/tiered/whathaveyou to try right now. Anyone can decode it, please do so and let me know what you got. Thanks in advance.

Gonna try and sleep for real this time.

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  1. OK, at first, I thought it was messed up, but it's just lots of Base 64. Here.
    "The birthing has started.... but you will never know.

    Such a good pup. A good little pup. Good boy." *Joce