Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am not happy.

Just got back from visiting Aiden.

He's doing alright. He's looked.... better... but he's doing well I suppose. He wants out of there. They're uncomfortable with letting him go. He is a candidate for 'early dismissal' since he doesn't seem to be interested in harming himself at all and is showing more remorse than any other person they have.

Why am I angry? Because since I was not blood related I could not stay the full extent of visiting hours. Yep. You heard it right. I was not allowed to stay because I was not blood related. Explaining we were engaged to be married in a month? Nope. Not allowed. That's when Aiden started spazzing and sobbing and clinging to me. I couldn't let him go. I started crying too. I just... ugh that's just too much to deal with. I ended up being dragged out by security. I have to say the guard was really apologetic and sorry he had to do it. I mean for gods sakes did none of those nurses see that I was doing him good by being there?! Fucking hells.

Ok... sorry for the cursing and swearing. I'm not happy. I came in the house slammed the door and stormed up here and just... cried for a bit. Not much else I can do.

I've pretty much decided. I'm going to call Slendy in for an interview tonight... and....

I'm going to ask him to bring Aiden home. I'm doing it against my better judgement but Aiden did not try and take his life. He doesn't need to be there. So I'm going to see what I can do about this.

So if you have any questions you would like for the Slender Man to ask please give 'em to me. I'm hoping to have this done tonight. I'll pull out the good ol' white board and we'll have fun with that for the interview.

Ok, I'm out to get a list of questions made up. I also want to check the site where we found Aiden. snow's melting so may be hard to use blood trail or footprints to follow. I'll drag Yggs with me. I want to check this shit out. Would be helpful to have a Hatchling with me for it, y'know in case we need to make a quick escape for any reason.

Anyways I'll be here but not. For whatever sense that makes.


I've been fighting with this code crap from the post in Aiden's blog here.

I got it down to this:


So I was in the midst of trying to pull it apart the guy here that knows the code and stuff? He shows me this website:  So I go through the motions and sure enough there were go...

...Yeah, you're all gonna love this.... Here's what it says.

He comes in then quickly out he goes.
Do you feel good without him, do you even need him? Do you know?
Let him die. Let yourself cry. He's dead to the world.
Crow wings have unfurled. 

Good luck in saving your saint, your hero, your friend.
Never again to turn the bend.
Gone away,
Go astray.
How many lived have I taken this day?

Let him die,
let him go.
You don't need him,
don't you know.

The piper does not need his little pup.
Let him die.
Let others cry.
Tell Aiden goodbye.

So yeah. I'll be happy to get out of here and see Aiden. They're letting me go early so I can make the visiting hours. For now I'm happy that they're going to send me out on an assignment after lunch. I need something to help keep me distracted and busy until the time comes.Ugh this is just bleh. I'm ready for this to be over and done. just wanted to give you all an update.

Oh what a night

So Todd kind of got a bit frustrated. Aiden was blocking him out he said. My deduction now that things have happened and gone down? It was blocking Todd from Aiden. Todd says he can hear Aiden now. Course Aiden is also 'safe' now. So what happened? The events of last night went something like this.

Todd goes out to try and find Aiden. I'm waiting on the back porch watching. We hear Aiden yelling and screaming and cursing. At least he's alive. Todd goes towards the screams. He comes back utterly frustrated saying that when he was finally on top of him he moved. Okay, that's interesting. I decided screw it I'll help. Not like with Aiden being blocked that Todd has any better chance of finding him than me. So I grab a flashlight and into the woods we go. At night. It's dark. I've never been in these woods at night. But we're safe, right? There's a truce intact while on our property. Our property is the safe haven. As though reading my mind Todd points out that we just crossed the property markers. Thank you for that reassurance Todd.

This is when we hear Aiden's blood curdling scream ahead and we take off running. Though Todd's faster than me, being proxy bastard and all. He knows something I don't. I can tell from how he's wincing. This worries me more. I finally catch up and we're following a trail of blood. I'm scared shitless now. We follow the trail and finally reach Aiden. He's sprawled on the ground sobbing. and... bleeding. Bleeding really bad. Tod says nothing grabs Aiden grabs me, i don't know how but we're by the car I pile Aiden into it and everything is a blur as I get him to the hospital they take him back and work on him and it's just a blur a big blur. They finally just told me that they're keeping him for a while. Slit wrists and attempted slit throat? What the hell. I know this isn't Aiden's doing but how do I tell them some paranormal abomination is what did this to Aiden?

So they're going to keep Allen in their psych-ward for a bit. They want to evaluate him get him on meds. I will say he did need to get back on his meds but.. this isn't how I wanted it to happen.

Yeah, Aiden was on meds back in the day for depression and anxiety. All the bullying in high school because he was gay really did a number on him. It's one of the reasons he didn't go to college as well. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm really worried. I mean, how did Aiden get off the property. Did Aiden follow It? Or did It drag Aiden off? We know it was It. Slendy's really pissed off right now about this and wanting to beat the ever living shit out of it. He was dealing with other things and didn't realize what was happening. He wants to get Aiden out of the hospital. I'm trying to convince him that Aiden needs this. It's.. really frustrating to argue with Him though. He doesn't completely understand it seems. He started uh 'yelling' at Todd for not being here. I don't know what was going on but I got between the, Told Todd to go to Branwen and explain what happened. Then told Slendy to just go do his thing. I'm working on getting ready for work. They only allow visitation at certain times at the ward. I'll go in when visitation opens and go see him. Take him clean clothes and just.. ugh. I didn't leave until he was in the ward and resting peacefully. I'm just really hoping he doesn't start going on about Slendy. And seeing things and crap. That could cause more problems than we need.

Ok. Going to go.  Gotta work. Explain what happened. Get junk done so I can be out early. Need to send a note to Ygg as well. Ugh. So much to do. Oh and then there's that damned message on Aiden's blog. I can tell you honestly that Aiden did not post that. He was out in the woods and we were searching for him and following blood trails in the snow. You know how hard it is to follow something that doesn't leave foot prints?

Ok out for real. see ya all. Thanks to anyone that can translate the gibberish.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What the heck?

I come home. Kids on the front porch. "Why are you guys out here it's snowing. Come in."


I enter the house. Allen's screaming and tossing a fit. Taben's having an anxiety attack, Ry's trying to calm him down. Todd's standing there looking stuck somewhere between confusion and bemusement (hard to tell with that mask, he needs to get rid of it). Aiden's ranting and raving.

Me: "Uh... I'm home" I give Aiden a peck on the cheek.

Aiden: "I GIVE UP! I'M RUNNING AWAY!" He's flailing in an almost comedic manner but really I'm worried about him, I've not seen him like this in a long long while. After his flail fit's over he just... storms out of the house cursing and screaming.

It was so peaceful almost... normal feeling this morning...

Now it's complete chaos. I just sat down and read what I could.... I want to beat my head against the wall. But I won't.

Back to worrying about Aiden. I tried to follow his tracks in the snow... only to find he left none? Um... right can we say it's creepy? And he's in the woods. I could hear him he was screaming and ranting. I figured he was out there with Slendy so I came back in. Is it also creepy that I'm certain he's safe with Slendy? When I know none of the others of us are unless we're on our property?

Well this is a case of where you learn to be careful what you wish for. I had always wished our life was less boring/ more exciting. ...I'd say we have that now.

Gonna go and ask Todd to help find and calm down Aiden if he doesn't mind. My understanding is Aiden made that link thing with him? I don't know. I've not seen much of Aiden the last few days to know. He was passed out when I got home last night.

Ok. I'm going to stop with this and g see about finding him or something.

See ya.

Monday, March 28, 2011

work work work

Taking a moment to check in from work. I'm going to be busy. They've piled it on me. So between work and classes I'll not be around much. Actually if they caught me doing this at work my ass would be grass.

I see Ygg's home and I'm guessing Aiden's out so they didn't cross paths. So Ygg, if you see this. keep an eye on Aiden. It's going to be a late night for me tonight. And I can't get an answer on his cell, just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing. Weird. Though if he's out with Slender I suppose it's expected. He better not tear his back open again.... We're running out of non blood-stained bed sheets.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting caught up.

So Aiden's been post crazy today apparently. I'm not going to complain. I was welcomed home with a kiss and that was good enough for me. He told me we're going to be getting a visitor so I guess Bran and Co. is on their way? Weird to not see anything from them but you'll have that. They're big kids they can find their way here. Bran's come up plenty of times before.

So I guess I need to get settled in and see about catching up on posts. Then it's gonna be a nice long weekend of fun.

That's one thing about Aiden. He usually just needs a bit of time to cool down and it's all good. I'm glad to see him so happy and seemingly sane. Need to get his bandages changed and clean up his back and fun stuff. I'll do that when Bran gets here. Anyways that's it for now. Catch you all later. I'll try and post tomorrow or when I get a chance. Heh, we've got the house to ourselves, first time in a while. May have to make use of that while we can.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiered. Home. Have Aiden. Was so scared.

It is here. It is in this area. I saw It.

So confused. So confused. Almost took Aiden, It almost had him.

Slendy stopped him. I swear they were talking. While they were talking I took him and ran. He was unconscious. He's still unconscious. The both came after us. They both appeared in front of me. They both reached for me. It hurt cold, dark, then hot and blinding bright the just off and i felt sick and we're in ht house and Slendy's there over us and... I don't even.

So tiered. Gotta sleep. I just hope Aiden will listen in the morning. I hope work doesn't fire me. Gods damn this whole mess. This is all my fault. All my fucking fault. I'm sorry.

And this is the point..

...where all hell breaks loose.

I don't even know how to defend myself. All I can say is.. at least Aiden's back to normal? Even if he does seem a little more hot headed?

I literally *just* got home from work. I come in and things are tossed around and messed up. Taben seemed miffed and was cleaning up the mess. I didn't ask what happened he didn't look at me. I went up to check on Aiden. There on the door in what I can only guess was... blood? An operator symbol. Why is there an operator symbol... in blood, on our door?

I enter the bedroom. It's... well trashed is putting it lightly. It looked like Aiden had had a major tantrum. I wend downstairs asked what happened. Taben said Aiden had screamed and yelled and cursed my name as he tossed things around and got ready. He shouted he was leaving before he left. He didn't know any more than that.

Then I came up here. And got on the computer. And saw everything. I'm really REALLY unhappy right now. Not only with Asshat. But also with myself. I should have explained my worries and concerns to him. I should have told Aiden everything. And once again I've caused problems because I've kept secrets.

Screw this. I can't just sit here while Aiden's out. I need to go find him.
Good morning fellow bloggers. Kill me now as I have to get up and get ready to head in to work.

It wouldn't be so hard if Aiden hadn't continuously been waking up through the night spazzing and screeching bloody murder. Go figure, right? I can't even budge him now. Thing is, I don't think he was completely awake when he woke up the few times he did. His eyes were always closed except the first time.

Candice and Dean are Aiden's brother and sister. They're twins. Aiden's really close to them. I'm really surprised he doesn't mention them much. But since the Slender stuff has been going on there's been less interaction with them. I'm guessing it's Aiden not wanting to infect them. They know nothing of the Slender Man stuff, at least that we know of. The last time we saw them was, well when Taben and Ryan moved in with us. They helped us move them in. Otherwise we've not seen much of them. Or heard much from them. Aiden talks to them on IMs and stuff. But other than that, nothing.

So to have Aiden waking up and screaming in fear for his brother and sister, it makes me a bit worried. I'll talk to him and see what's going on. If worse comes to worse I'll contact them or drag him over to see them. We've not been over to his parents for a an extended visit since the Holidays. Being busy with classes and everything can suck.

Yeah, we'll make it a point to go over there and visit this weekend. Would be nice. I'll talk it over with Ai and we'll see what happens.

For now, I need to go to work. I'll talk to you all later.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something's wrong

Something is wrong with Aiden. Quite wrong. He's not slept since Sunday.

I'm really worried about him. I tried to get him to go to bed before I left. It obviously didn't really work. I'm really hoping this turns around when he goes back to classes next week. I'm hoping we can get him to sleep. If we can't I am making a doc appointment for him and getting him in and checked.

Also, I'm going to attempt to 'ban' him from seeing Slender Man. He went to the park with Him again today. I came home and his back was all blood stained. Well apparently he was romping around(?) and broke open the scabs that just finally happened. I'm still trying to figure out why there are hole and... just.. ugh.

I have a headache. I'm stressed to the max from this. I'm still trying to get the okay to work from home cleared so I can keep an eye on Aiden.

I'm hoping the party this weekend will help Aiden out some. Maybe having company is what he needs. Having other friends around. Something other than just the normal crowd. As much of a loner as Aiden tends to be (hard to tell right now I know) I know he does like th company of his friends and misses them. There will be much rejoicing when Bran is living closer while attending college. That's for sure. There was talk from Aiden before all this went down of him transferring to the main campus as well. I guess we shall see what happens.

Anyways, signing out for now. I'm gonna see if I can wrestle Aiden into bed and clean off his back and force him to sleep. If not I'm getting some over the counter sleep aids and slipping it into his food. If he sleeps he'll be a lot better....  I hope.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well then...

Aiden's gone completely bat shit insane. Aiden does not act like this ever. He's a loner, he prefers to keep to himself. He hates the idea of death in anyway. This is not my fiancée. This is creeping me out.

Something's seriously wrong.

I'm hoping getting him out of the house tonight will help him. All we can do is hope for the best I suppose.

EDIT: Looking over his last posts. He seemed alright. Until he went to the park. he came back and he was gone. Maybe the benevolent one is turning to be... less benevolent? This is worrisome.

Oh boy...

Kinda sorta freaking out right now. Called home to talk to Aiden. Ryan and Taben said Aiden went to the park. After chewing them out for not going with him I hang up and call Aiden. His phone cuts to voice mail after a few rings. Why is he not answering his phone? He never ignores calls from me. And given how things have been for us lately? Yeah, I'm a tad bit spazzy and scared and paranoid and worried.

Dammit Aiden. Stop doing this to me.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Was going to post this in reply to Bran's post but figured I'd let everyone in on this now since I've told Ai about it. (I like that nickname for him Bran, I'm keeping it)

Aiden's passed out now.

He yelled at me about Bran's post. As well as my post I made. I told him strait up how I felt. He screamed flailed and did the whole "proxies are stupid and unbelievable" denial thing then flopped on the bed and passed out.

See how I mean, Bran? He's not Aiden as much. The normal Aiden would have kept going on and on and on. Like that song that doesn't end. I'm really worried. I honestly think Aiden was 'proxiefied' or something. This is just worrisome. His wounds are healing up really fast... except for the ones on his back. They're sticky and gooey and just.. gross.... I've been cleaning them like the hospital said to do. While I was out clearing things up with work and getting my stay at home assignments so I can stay at home and take care of Aiden, I had Taben cleaning them. Taben's been giving me a whole lot of different theories which are just silly or just more worrisome.

I'm ready to just be able to rest and relax. But I'm so worried and scared. I just hope we can rest peacefully for a while. I can tell you one thing. I'm not letting Aiden out of my sight for as long as can be helped. I can't keep asking Slendy to babysit him either. I mean I'm sure He's got more important things to do. Though he seems extremely amused tonight. At least it seems like it just before he left when I got back. I wonder what Aiden was talking to him about....

Ok. Early bed time for me tonight. Gonna cling to Aiden and hopefully sleep well.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't sleep

So here I am. Posting. Making a mess on the journal here. Trying to get my thoughts out. I don't know where to begin. Actually, yes, I do. Aiden's home.

Aiden's home and still I can't sleep. There's so much unease in me. When I see him and look at him. Something's wrong. Somethings missing. his clothes were in tatters. he was beaten, scratched, cut, bruised, scraped and burned all over. He has what I can only describe as holes on his back. There are six of them. They're in lines on either side of his back, just over his shoulder blades.

He's been tired and hungry. If he's not sleeping he's eating. I managed t get him to go out with us today. He seemed to really enjoy himself but when w e got back I could see how worn he was. He seemed happy to get back into the world and he took tons of pictures. He asked me to look through them for him and move them to his hard drive and clear off his card.

None of the pictures came out. And I don't mean in blurry or unfocused. I mean, they're all completely black or just static or just all white or all one color or another. His pictures had never done that before. And he never commented after checking the pictures when he took them, so they must have been alright then as well.

I wasn't going to say this where he could see it, but I'm worried. I'm afraid that It's presence is still with him. I'm afraid there's more than meets the eye here. There's something more to this. I'm scared to death. But I'm going to give it my all and try and keep him safe and help him out of this, I'm going to take all the riddles and poems we have here that have clues in them and try to figure out what's going on. I just don't even know anymore. I'm so worried and concerned and uncertain. All I know to do is to stay near him and keep him as safe as possible.

He's woken, he's calling me to bed. I'd better go. I'm so relieved to have him back, and yet now I'm so worried as well. I'm going to try and convince him to go to the hospital tomorrow to get checked over. I tried today but he wouldn't. And I was happy to just enjoy a nice day with him.

We have a wedding to plan now. Hopefully our minds can concentrate on that now. I'll catch you all later.


I apologize so much for my lack of a decent post. A decent story. I couldn't give it my all. I was distracted by Aiden's sudden arrival. I had only a small bit done and then it all changed when Aiden got here.

I'm so sorry. So very sorry. I'll make it up to you all. I swear to it. I'm so sorry. So so sorry. Aiden had to come first. I'm sorry.

It's sad. I write for a living. I'm a journalist. I should have been able to write something with no problem. And here I am. I failed.

I'm sorry Frap, Astrid, Joce.

I'll post again later.
And so it came, the day that the wedding would have been held, and The Pup was amiss. Time was precious and The Lover was impatient.  How would The Lover ever rescue his dear Pup. How would hi Pup return. When? The wedding would have to wait. The eve before Ostara. Before the Mother Goddess would bless the world with light, life and fertility. This would have to be how it worked. The Lover would save The Pup. He would be sure that the one he loved the most would be safe and given new life. New meaning. The Lover loved The Pup with all his heart. He had betrayed him in a moment of stupidity. Had given in to the hands of another while being under the influence. Making love… no it was not that. You make love to the one you love. He makes love to Pup. Not to the stranger that he spend that eve with. The Lover feared that it was his doing that made The Pup run away. The Pup wanted to be kidnapped by the Dark One, it must have been a reason for the disappearance. And The Lover would never forgive himself for his negligence.  The Lover would sit up late hanging over the computer, doing his reports for work. So close. So close to the time of the first rays of the equinox. So close to the first rays of new life. The moon so bright, so large in the sky shed its caressing ivory light to the world below it, spreading life.

The Lover sat in silence watching the full moon move across the sky. Watching, waiting, for what he did not know. It was as if he was expecting Pup to come through the door at any time. But he was still gone. Still nothing. Still only silence answered him from the walls.

That tapping. What was that tapping? A glance towards the window. A pale faceless figure.  The Lover froze. Fear biting at his mind. How would he even handle this? Not now, not ever. Never ever. Was the Dark One lurking? No. No it was the Piper. And he appeared suddenly inside and dropped a sputtering, smelly, ragged heap of cloth on the. Sputtering? Pup! It was Pup! The Piper had delivered The Pup! The Lover Ran to The Pup’s side. He caressed and cradled and held his Pup close.  Safety.  Safety to his Pup. The Pup is safe. The Pup will be safe. He would heal the pup. And the Piper would be to thank.

~I want to apologize for not including a secret as Frap asked.  That is… a secret no one knew. Few had inklings of an idea of what happened between Aiden and me last month. This is the first time I have written anything or said it plainly. Hope this is enough. The one other secret I have that no one (not even Aiden) knows is going to remain such. But then, I plan on telling Aiden. After all of that’s happened as of late. He will know. I love you Aiden. I always will. I just went with inspiration and typed what came. I got Aiden back last night. I got my lover. My inspiration. Now you all know what inspires me. As if you hadn’t known otherwise.~

Brennon ~The Lover ~

Home.... he's home!

Oh. My. God. Oh My Fucking GODS! Miracle can happen. He's dirty and smelly and sick and tiered but Aiden is home. I repeat. AIDEN IS HOME!

I'm leaving the computer. I'm staying away. I'm going to get my story finished and fleshed out and set on a scheduled update. Then I'm going to spend time with Aiden. Oh my god. To see him again. I'm so worried. I might take him to he hospital. he's so bruised and cut up. he seems traumatized. I don't know what happened but... but. Thank the Goddess. Thank you Eoster for bringing my life back to me. Thank you my lady of the season. Thank you. Thank you so many times over. Thank you for listening to my prayers and answering them. Thank you.

I'm going to spend time with Aiden and nurse him back to health. I'm going to drag him out with me and Taben and Ry tomorrow. I love him. I love him and I'm going to cherish him and make sure he says safe and healthy. I love him. Oh my Gods I don't even know. Oh. My. Gods!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Go here, and read. I've been working on my story. I will set it to post automatically tomorrow. I'm going to be busy tomorrow with.. something. Taben's insisting I come with him and Ry tomorrow and get out of the house and stop moaning and groaning.

Yes. I've become a shut in. Aiden missing has been killing me. I'm worried, scared to death. I keep looking but there's not much I can really do. I've come to this point where I realize there isn't anything I can do. I hate it. It's killing me. I want Aiden home and safe. I love him. I miss him. I'm afraid what he'll be like when he gets home. Will he be the same person? Or is he going to be this shell of the man I knew? I want my Aiden back, and I'll do whatever the hell I have to to get him healed and better. I love you Aiden. I love you so much.

Anyways that's my update. I need to get back to working on my story. I need to figure out what time it wold be to be noon GMT. Time Zones really really stink sometimes.

Gonna try and keep my head on. Did you guys read that? I was called an inspiration. That means so much to me that you couldn't believe. Please guys. Frap, Astrid, Joce, whoever the hell jumps into this crap. Please please PLEASE come back to us. You guys stay safe. We all love you. You're an inspiration to us too, you know?

Getting back to my writing. I've got inspiration to do something for once. So here I go.

Peace and Love to all of you.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is that it? I did bad? I made a mistake? I was a stupid idiotic idjit so now you're just forgetting about me and leaving me to rot? Where the hell are you Aiden? Where are you? I might go fucking insane from lack of sleep if nothing else. I'm so confused. The note from It said you were going to be 'free' or 'out' or something. It told you to come home. Why the hell are you not coming home?!

Here's the translation provided by Joce of the last entry on Aiden's blog

"run [Title]
Almost through the maze young pup. 
Almost out and home.
Almost out of time young pup.
Hurry to your home.
The Piper comes to claim you.
But your work is not done.
Keep your nose up high young pup,
look up t'wards the sun.

Look into the mirror young pup.
See what you've become.
Look into you eyes young pup.
And pray your death has come."

What the hell is going on. I'm loosing my mind so maybe I'm totally missing something here but... I want you home. Get home. Come home. I miss you. I love you. I'm sorry I was a fuck-witted moron! I'm sorry I fucked up! Please, I'm sorry! Please come home! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Achievement unlocked.

New Acheivment reached"
Being called an asshole by a paranormal creature that kills things.

Yes, you heard it right. The good old Slender Man called me an asshole today. Oh it wasn't in any old context. It wasn't written on a board. Nope. It was said calm and collected to me. "You are an asshole. I'm leaving." That's pretty much how it was said. And here I thought he was too proper to curse.

So here's how it happened. I was woken up when I was picked up out of bed by my neck via one of those tentacle things he grows from his back. Next thing I know, I hear this voice... very prim and proper sounding... but really angry.

~"Get out of bed, you have slept to long and you have work to do. We must find Aiden. You have let him be taken... again."~

I'm freaking out, screaming, or would be if I wasn't being choked by the way he had me noosed in his tentacle; and trying to get loose. I'm finally dropped on the bed.

"thanks a lot you bastard. Next time why don't you just shake me, work jump on the bed, hell even pour cold water one me."

~"This worked well enough, did it not?"~

"You could have killed me." I'm rubbing at my neck where he had grabbed me and checking in the dresser mirror to be sure I was alright. "You sure as hell didn't make me very happy with you."

~"I do not think you would have been happy with any of the other options either."~

"Touche... What do you want? Did you find Aiden? I assume you've been looking for him?"

~"I did not know he was missing. I have not been around. I know now simply because I saw your dreams. I believe the Dark One has him. We should go and find him."~

"I've got to get to work. I was looking all day yesterday and found nothing. No leads or anything. I'll call the police today and put out a missing person's report. It's all I can do. I'm gonna go in to work and do what I can there. I need to do something to keep my mind off this. Aiden's come back every other time. We know ///It/// probably has him again and we both know that I..." At this time Slendy wraps a tentacle around my mouth silencing me.

~"You are an asshole. I'm leaving."~ And with that he left.

So yes, I'm an asshole. Because all I can do is sit and wait to hear something, anything. To know Aiden's alright. Work was hell and they sent me home early cause they knew what was going on. They're understanding and all but... yeah. this stinks.

When I was sent home early I went out looking again. Went to normal places, off the wall places and places I never thought he'd go to. But I found nothing.

I've not seen Slendy since this morning. I'm so worried about Aiden. Taben and Ry are trying to keep my mind off it, but it's rally hard. I'm just going out of my mind with worry. I hope he comes home soon. I wish I knew what was going on...

and I wish I could understand what the hell that means... that code that they left for Aiden.. or whoever.

I'm going to bed. It's been hell for me lately.


Searching was bust. As expected.

Haven't seen Slender Man around. I don't know if he knows. I'm guessing if he does that he's out looking for Aiden as well.

I just wish I knew what was going on.

I'm just... so tiered right now. So I'm going to try and sleep. Twenty-four hours will have hit by time I wake up and I can file a missing person's report on Aiden.

That is if I can sleep. I'll let you all in on a secret.

Aiden's obnoxious snoring is music to my ears. It soothes me and helps me sleep.

I don't know how I'll sleep without that tonight. I just hope Aiden makes it back safe. And I hope he makes it back soon.

Also, interesting fact that I was thinking on while we were out searching today.

I started thinking on the whole furry thing. See, Aiden's furry persona is a rodent morph. Know what young rodents are called? If you guessed 'pup' you get a medal.

The more you know. Right?

EDIT: I just saw the post on Aiden's blog. I can't decode it though... and I'm too flustered/tiered/whathaveyou to try right now. Anyone can decode it, please do so and let me know what you got. Thanks in advance.

Gonna try and sleep for real this time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Wedding will have to wait...

I guess Aiden got his way after all.

The wedding will happen on Beltane now. There are a few reasons for this.

First, This is Ohio. We just had snow dumped on us. and there's more predicted. Our wedding would have been the 19th. This coming Saturday. They're predicting a tone of Rain and Snow.

Second, It'll be warmer. We'll have time to plan it out. At this point there is only a week and we have no planning done.

Third and most important reason. Aiden's missing. Again.

I'm starting to think that little pup referred to him, not Branwen. I can guarantee it was not Aiden that made that post. We were out last night. We'd have just been getting back when that was posted. We went right to sleep after that. Aiden must have just disappeared from bed because I went to bed with him beside me. I woke up and he was gone. I assumed he was doing breakfast. Searched the house. He wasn't here. After freaking out and panicking for a good hours I decided to post here. <b><a href="">And then I saw his post.</a></b> Thank you Joce for translating so I didn't have to search for a translator.

So, yeah. You all probably see where my day will be spent. Even though I somehow know it'll all be in vain. I'm seriously getting sick of this crap. Why Aiden? Why single out him? Why the fuck do this to him? I'm just.. pissed. Really fucking pissed.

I'll try and keep updates but right now I'm loosing my mind with worry. As you could imagine it's going to be difficult. I'll see you all later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts on Slender Man

Ok... ok.

I know this is due to Taben's obsession and may not even hold true in the end... but it did make me think on it.

Maybe Slender Man can 'clone' himself when he wishes to? That' why so many people can see instances of him at the same time?

It's odd but possible? Maybe? He's this incorporeal being, right? He's like a ghost, but not. He can time travel which would explain part of the whole same time thing, but what if there was more to it?

I know, this comes from Taben's obsessions (As if it weren't bad enough to have Slender Man around a lot he has to get a desktop stalker program too?), surely it can hold some truth?

Work's given me time off so I can tend to Aiden and handle that business and all. I'm grateful of them they are so understanding and accepting. They're allowing me time off for the wedding (just a couple weeks guys!) and two weeks after for the honeymoon. They're really understanding and accepting of homosexuals. Now if more people were willing to be.

I'm just home after some time with Aiden. He's doing well. They're talking about letting him leave this afternoon. I'm really hopeful of this. I think the best thing for Aiden at this point in time is to get out of there and get active.

Anyways I'm gonna get some food and then head back off to visit Aiden. Just thought I should throw in an update.

EDIT: Seeing post on Aiden's blog and I'm a lot less hopeful... seems like utter nonsense...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick interview

So Slender Man came. the interview was... very quick. It surprised me that he appeared right in our room out of no where. I'll get strait to it. Note, I'm not going to type it out the way he writes it all jumbled together. It's too hard to really decipher.

S: Whereisyourmate,theoneyoucallAiden

Me: He's in the hospital. I figured you'd know that being th all knowing powerful being you art. What the fuck are you doing to him? Why are you making him like this?

S: Icannotfindhim.IhavelookedandwaitedIcameheretoaskmuchthesamequestion.Howareyouhidinghimfromme?

Me: I'm not.... you mean you really can't sense where he is? Or know what the hell's going on with the entries he's been making?

S: Entries...?

I show him the entries Aiden's made. He looks at them reads them and he got... well to say pissed would be putting it mildly. He is NOT happy.

S: Iamgoing.Beonlookout.thisisnotgood.IWILLKILL!!

And with that he left.

So yeah. I'm really really worried now... Something really nasty is going down. As long as it leaves Aiden out of it and we can have our wedding like we plan, it'll all be good. Right? Please say that things will get better.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Translation to Aiden's post here.

"Beware, the end is nigh. the end is near. You shall fear. For the end is near.

Let the days become your nights, soon you'll learn, love's true plight. The end is near. Beware, have fear.

The end is near.

Death to the non believer. Death to the protected

You won't be safe for long. the Dark One comes to take your soul.

Rest while you can. the next time you rest will be upon your death."

Someone in the office here knows code. He said it's called BASE64?

Just putting all this up here for reference. I hadn't thought that Aiden had done it. But I called in to talk to the doctor and get an update. Guess who woke up as soon as I left and was screaming that he had to find a computer now?

I'm really worried and really scared right now. What the hell is happening to Aiden? Where the fuck did this all come from? It seems so out of the blue.

Where the hell is Slender Man when I really need to talk to him. To think there was a time when I thought this was all bull crap story shit that scared Aiden and Taben for no reason.. Now it's here and real. Though it seems we're blaming the wrong person for the horrendous deeds that happen. Gonna go and see Aiden. They said he started getting better after posting. He's been sleeping and they didn't move him to quarantine. Sound fishy to anyone else?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Aiden is in the hospital...

Yes... again. The doctors checked him over and sent him directly to the hospital. But they don't know what it is. They said they wanted to keep him for 'observation'.

I just got home and found out about it. Taben's the one that took him to the doctor's today and then to the hospital.

I'll be happy when all this stressful stuff stops. Anyone know if the "Slender Man Sickness" as they call it can get someone this sick? And then isn't it only His prey that is sick? He's never shown signs of wanting to hunt any of us. I suppose things could change.

I'm off to visit Aiden and see if there are any updates. I'll keep you all updated as I find out what's going on.