Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiered. Home. Have Aiden. Was so scared.

It is here. It is in this area. I saw It.

So confused. So confused. Almost took Aiden, It almost had him.

Slendy stopped him. I swear they were talking. While they were talking I took him and ran. He was unconscious. He's still unconscious. The both came after us. They both appeared in front of me. They both reached for me. It hurt cold, dark, then hot and blinding bright the just off and i felt sick and we're in ht house and Slendy's there over us and... I don't even.

So tiered. Gotta sleep. I just hope Aiden will listen in the morning. I hope work doesn't fire me. Gods damn this whole mess. This is all my fault. All my fucking fault. I'm sorry.

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