Thursday, March 24, 2011

And this is the point..

...where all hell breaks loose.

I don't even know how to defend myself. All I can say is.. at least Aiden's back to normal? Even if he does seem a little more hot headed?

I literally *just* got home from work. I come in and things are tossed around and messed up. Taben seemed miffed and was cleaning up the mess. I didn't ask what happened he didn't look at me. I went up to check on Aiden. There on the door in what I can only guess was... blood? An operator symbol. Why is there an operator symbol... in blood, on our door?

I enter the bedroom. It's... well trashed is putting it lightly. It looked like Aiden had had a major tantrum. I wend downstairs asked what happened. Taben said Aiden had screamed and yelled and cursed my name as he tossed things around and got ready. He shouted he was leaving before he left. He didn't know any more than that.

Then I came up here. And got on the computer. And saw everything. I'm really REALLY unhappy right now. Not only with Asshat. But also with myself. I should have explained my worries and concerns to him. I should have told Aiden everything. And once again I've caused problems because I've kept secrets.

Screw this. I can't just sit here while Aiden's out. I need to go find him.

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  1. Yes. You should have. But you didn't. And now you're regretting it. Insulting me won't fix anything. I'm just here to make sure you THINK before you ACT.