Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trust your instincts

I can't get in contact with Aiden. I've tried and tried and tried. Nothing, his cell is either off, or dead.

Allen's missing. No. No Allen was kidnapped. We had gone to this park he had been asking to go to. It has this huge playground area on it. So I took him there. It's a small nice little park for kids. He played for a while then we decided to take the trail that goes into the woods. It was all really nice. I hadn't been able to just get out and walk for a while. This was a refreshing change.

Until we returned to the playground area. It was completely empty. I had this feeling of dread come over me. I didn't know why. But I ignored it. Yeah, I ignored my instincts. I'm a terrible person. Even more so terrible when I saw The Slender Man at the playground just standing there watching us. Allen got excited and ran towards him. I tried to think nothing of it. Slender Man's friendly towards us. Right? Boy was I ever wrong. I realized my mistake when Allen was running towards Him and then I saw him stretch out His hand to Allen. I screamed at Allen to stop and started running to him. Allen stopped and looked confused.

"He's going to take me to see mommy. I want to see my mommy," Allen says, he's got a childish sad pout on his face. And honestly my heart breaks for the poor kid. He doesn't know what's going on. He just knows his Dad disappeared and never came back, and now pretty much the same has happened of his mom. I'm about to reason with him and explain stuff to him, but that's when that bad feeling I had been having, turned worse. Slender Man was angry. Livid mad. I looked up. Tentacles were flailing and he just, did not look happy. Next thing I know he was on me and I was on the ground. I hut all over there. There was a buzzing in my head and, I think... no I'm pretty sure, I passed out. When I came to there were people hovering over me, and Allen was no where to be seen. The ambulance and police had been called for me and I explained all that had happened. Well, kind of. I told them someone attacked me and kidnapped Allen. Which is what happened. I just left out the part with the tall abomination being the culprit. Apparently though, Slender Man's attack on me, broke some of my ribs and a leg. I just got back from the hospital. And I've been trying to contact Aiden.

I feel like such a failure. Allen's gone, and it's all my fault.

The Slender Man is no one's friend. And now a little boy is dead because of me. If you ever have instincts telling you to do something, for love of the Gods. Trust them. Always trust your instincts. It could save a life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blowing the dust off

I got home later today. Yes, I'm a crazy idiot who is trying to work through the insanity that's going on around us. Spinning further and further out of control. It's all I have that helps me feel normal. I just had microwaved leftovers, I'm caught up in all of my work related stuff. So I decided I'd sit back and relax. It's weird having free time. I've been trying to keep myself busy. Aiden said it's the best way to not fall into this mess that's our lives anymore. At the same time, I know there's going to come a time where I will be dragged into it. Rather I want to be or not.

I try and pretend not to see Him there at night when I'm trying to sleep. Or when I'm trying to eat. I try to keep my eyes on whoever I'm talking to at the time. Chastin and Malkin have been pleasant company for the most part, but it's very hectic and Aiden's almost constantly busy. I'm worried about Branwen. We've not seen or heard much from her since the hell that went down on the fourth. Of course the paper I work for instantly though 'Brennon lives there! He was there! Let's let him work on it!' It's given me overtime, though at the same time. I'm not too keen on on the fact that I have to look at the list of deaths and realize that all these people were neighbors that I remember growing up with since my grandfather lived here and we visited them.

At the same time, I look at this and realize. The neighbors directly beside us? Nothing happened to them even though I clearly remember them standing and watching as everything happened. They didn't move. This makes me wonder. Maybe that's a bad thing for me to do. But I can't help it. This doesn't add up. At all. This is the same family who has a daughter that tried to hit on me and all but stalked our house when she first moved in and scared the heck out of Aiden.

Ok, that doesn't sound good. Taben's downstairs and screaming, I hope this is just Aiden and Malkin trying to save his ass from Slender Man. Please let that be it.