Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting caught up.

So Aiden's been post crazy today apparently. I'm not going to complain. I was welcomed home with a kiss and that was good enough for me. He told me we're going to be getting a visitor so I guess Bran and Co. is on their way? Weird to not see anything from them but you'll have that. They're big kids they can find their way here. Bran's come up plenty of times before.

So I guess I need to get settled in and see about catching up on posts. Then it's gonna be a nice long weekend of fun.

That's one thing about Aiden. He usually just needs a bit of time to cool down and it's all good. I'm glad to see him so happy and seemingly sane. Need to get his bandages changed and clean up his back and fun stuff. I'll do that when Bran gets here. Anyways that's it for now. Catch you all later. I'll try and post tomorrow or when I get a chance. Heh, we've got the house to ourselves, first time in a while. May have to make use of that while we can.


  1. We've had our hands full today.

    With school life and our "friends".

    But we're okay. We'll be up. Because we said so and because a certain vulpine said it'd be good.

    I'm glad everything's okay.

    <3 Branwen

  2. Careful when you get here. We have... a visitor. See ya soon.