Friday, February 4, 2011

Ugh... Men

I was gonna post, now I'm just really unhappy with my chosen life partner for outing my creepy weird ass dream on his public journal. Ugh... the jerk. I think I'm gonna have to see about prolonging my stay here on this story I'm covering. Though the weather here's just as bad as in Ohio. Bleh. I'm finally down south, first time in my life, and it's not the sunny happy warm place I'd like to be in.

So a big screw you to Texas. Never really liked you anyways.

I'm gonna go down to the restaurant and get me some food and beer.

I'm still not happy with you, Aiden. You better be good or I'm not gonna bring you a present home with me.


  1. ...where are you in Texas? You do know that's where Sandra and company are?

    And that bad stuff's going on down there? Brennon. Please be careful.

  2. I dunno where Sandra and co. are. And I don't follow Sandr's blog and havn't talk to aiden since i called him earlier this evenin. he didn't say anything about bad stuff.

    I'm in arlington, near the cowboys stadium thing. Work had me bussed down here for a story thing. They suck. I'm now a sports reporter. I wanna go to the zoo. Do you know anythin about the xoos down here?

  3. I'm sorry? I thought it was hillarious and amusing.

    I love you, and stay safe.

    And dammit Bran! I never made that connection before! Now I'm gona be fucking paranoid as ever.

  4. All I know about Texas is that their weather is as bipolar as ours and there were 10+ bodies found in the forests near where Sandra's crew is.

    I don't think they're in Arlington, though. Just be careful.

  5. Sorry, Ai. I made it almost immediately. If it helps, I'm worried too.