Friday, February 11, 2011

Better and Categories

The past few days have been uneventful. Between work and classes, Aiden and I have been trying to work out our problems. Well my problems really. I'd like to say we're making headway, but I'm really not completely sure. He's been more cuddly and snuggly at night so I'll say that it's going for the better. I really hate what we did but I'm really thankful to be given the chance to work it out. I think I might ask that I not get sent on assignments that can't include my partner from now on. Tell them if they're going to send me, they have to send Aiden as well. Or I just end up taking Aiden with my own money or something. Maybe I'm paranoid, I don't know.

Anyways. In the title I mention categories. By categories I mean categories of 'runners'. Please correct me if I have the term wrong but runners means those that are being harassed by Slender man? I've tried to look it up in my research and have found nothing as of this far. So any help on the subject/definition of a runner would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways, I've noticed that there are a few different categories.

Hunted- Those that Slender Man is after and who feel threatened by him. They're running trying to escape for their lives. These ones are at the highest risk of disappearing/being killed by Slender Man.

Hunters- There's very few of these but these are the ones that are after and wish to kill Slender Man. They are often times very vicious, malicious and will kill proxies and  shoot before asking questions. In the same breath, these are also ones that are at risk of being killed by Slendy, he doesn't really have interest in them other than to preserve himself.

Antagonists- Similar to the hunters, but instead of trying to kill Slendy, they just try and study him. They play tricks and 'mind games' on Slendy. They don't wish to exactly hurt him they're curious and want to know what's going on and happening. Why Slendy does what he does. Why he is who he is.

Bystanders- these people know of Slendy, likely have seen Slendy but are not hunted or attacked by Slendy. They're simply there. Whether it be the partner or friend of one of the above. They aren't involved and while Slendy may or may not acknowledge them. He has no interest in them.

Protected- These are the people that Slendy seems to protect. I can only say that I honestly know of two, maybe three (or even 4? due to Bran's recent experiment, though for now I categorize her as an antagonist). They are few and far between, and it seems to have something to do with with the behaviors that the person exhibits or the lack of fear. Or maybe not. It's really hard to differentiate it.

See, Slendy preys on people by making him trust them, at least that's how he is with children. The children want to play with him and be his friend and that's when he swoops n and the children disappear. So what is it that's so different about Allen? Why does Slendy protect Allen? I've got a lot of thinking to do. I don't care if it moves me from a bystander to an antagonist or whatever, I'm just really curious. I want to learn more.

I figured I'd leave off with a small list of people I know and put them in their categories I feel they fit into best.

Aiden- protected(?)/Antagonist. It's hard to know exactly where Aiden stands. Maybe I'll have to come back and make more categories.
Brennon (myself)- Bystander
Brandwen- Antagonist
Taben- Hunter/Bystander. Another hard to categorize. He's flat out attacked Slendy on more than one occasion for getting too close to Allen. But Slendy has never hurt or done anything malicious or paid him much attentions.
Allen- Protected
Ryan- Bystander
Rizzy- Bystander - she's never seen Slender Man. And she's just watched Marble Hornets so she knows what Mateo and Taben are talking about. She doesn't want to be left out. maybe she can even remain uncategorized for now.
Mateo- Bystander? not sure. We'll know next week when he comes up ad sees how Slendy reacts to him.
Sandra- Protected/Antagonist
Lya- Bystander/Antagonist
Matt- Bystander/Antagonist
Maudin- Antagonist
Celeste- Antagonist/Bystander
Zeke- Hunter. This dude has some balls. I wish I could be more like him
M- Antagonist/Hunted/Bystander-  hard to tell. I don't even know if the dude's even still alive. his last post was so long ago. Hope he's safe though, I know he's helped a lot of people out.
Jack- Hunted
Stephanie- Hunted

These are all the blogs I'm up to date with at this time I've still got a few to read through. Wow, lookit me. Once the non believe now I'm studying... at the same time I remember reading that can make it worse. Hmm. Ah well.

And I'm gonna go now. Aiden and Taben just got back from running and doing some caching and Aiden and I are gonna go run some errands and spend some time together. Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what anyone may have to say about anything I've said here. Bran you keep yourself safe. We want to be able to see you up here and hanging with us next weekend.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this.

    Ahahahaha! Antagonist. I love my title. <3

    On our end then...
    Casey - Hunted. Turning antagonist.
    Sammi - Antagonist
    Skyler - Hunted
    Seth - Hunted

    Wouldn't quite classify Skyler in the same group as me. She's only doing what I ask.