Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe I worry too much.

Aiden's been really.... off the last few days. As in he's been drinking himself to sleep. I keep an eye on him when I can. He skipped classes today, and I got out of work early and came home to see him halfway to drunkenness again.

At least not all the rum and vodka we had for mixed drinks is gone now. Just some of the Jell-o shots Taben made for his birthday. Thankfully Aiden hated those.

He keeps saying we need to go to Branwen and her friends and help them. He's been angry and easily upset. Slender Man came by to pay a visit and he threw a plate at him. Who's the one that was knocked unconscious by it? certainly not Slender Man. And now Slender Man's taken to just standing at the edge of the forest in the back yard and staring at the house.This is making me nervous. I could stand it when he was at the door watching, or inside. But now he's by the woods. I hope this isn't  bad sign that he's gonna start killing us off. Yeah, that wouldn't be cool at all.

I'm not as studied in the mythos as Aiden and everyone else. I have to worry about reports and my last couple classes for college. I can't wait to graduate and only have my job in the way. Gonna have to head off soon to my night class. Really worried about having no one here to watch Aiden. Ry's too engrossed in continued work on his project and Taben's sick. If I didn't have an exam I'd not go in for classes tonight.

Maybe I worry too much... but I have reason, right? Please tell me that I do? Or maybe don't. Because if I have reason, then I know things are going to tank.

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  1. ...I don't like Him by the woods either. Though I don't think that's automatically a sign that He's going to turn vicious. I met Him in the woods. All He did was pet my dog.

    But being cautious won't hurt.

    Commented on Aiden's blog. Stay safe, guys.

    ~ Branwen