Sunday, January 30, 2011


As we were sitting and talking with Taben over breakfast this morning he brought to my attention that people out in the "Slenderverse" as he called it, are considering trying to find a branch of the world tree, Yggdrasil;
They believe it's a very big important thing to get rid of Slendy.

Before people find this (and Taben's pretty insistent they may) I want to not that the title of my blog had nothing to do with the "Slenderverse" or Slender Man when I made it. I am pagan. The World Tree/Tree of Life is a very large part of my life. I've always followed it.

No, I'm not your hero, or Savior or whatever people want to call me. I'm just an average man trying to live his life. I'd never even heard of Slender Man until this New Year's even stuff started. I never saw him until a few days ago. I'm not wanting to destroy Slender Man. I come from the pagan belief that all life is sacred and even if this person deserves it, he'll never find death by my hands.

Just wanted to put this clarification out there. Only reason this exist is because my fiancĂ©e told me I should make it. So I made it. I may not update very often or be very active. I made it to have some peace with Aiden. That is all. (seriously, have you ever had someone constantly nag you because you've not made an online blog? I had to make him shut up. [I love you Aiden, don't hate me for this])

And I feel the need to come back and edit this as whilst I was reviewing the post I made I noticed I had two new followers that I had no idea who they were. So, uh. Hi? I'm surprised to see this honestly, but Aiden assures me we may get more. I dunno how I feel about that.


  1. How did I miss this.

    I recently saw something about making a weapon from the World Tree. Except they said to use ash wood or something.
    I think it was Robert's blog. My memory is fuzzy right now.

  2. Good luck at finding an ash tree in Ohio. The emerald borer beetle has infected the whole state. They're predicting Ohio's ash trees to be completely gone in five years. I think it's hard to find any in the county we live in.

    I don't plan on trying to be a hero. All I wanna do is live and be happy with Aiden, that's all.

    I do admit I wonder how likely that'll be now though with tall and faceless around most of the time anymore.

  3. Heeey. That's me! Anyway, I'm new around your blog Brennon, so . . .Hi :)

  4. I'm really horrible at keeping tabs on this thing here. But a very warm welcome to you. I apologize for welcoming you so late.

    Nice to see another with a shared namesake kind of thing. Though maybe you'll be able to appease the masses by being the hero everyone else seems to want.