Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life progresses

It's been a bit difficult lately. Aiden's fallen into this deep dark depression. It's really gotten me concerned about him. Taben practically had to drag him to classes today. They got through though and got back home. When Aiden's home he's in bed sleeping. Sam and Dean are doing well in adjusting to their new home and new routine. They're packed with homework from their new school though trying to catch up. At least they're both good kids and pretty smart.

We've seen nothing of Slender Man or It in a few days which is a much needed relief. Kelly's still not here. He left a message on Aiden's blog the other day and it really bothered Aiden. If anything it seems to have made him fall deeper into his depression. I managed to convince him to make an appointment with his old Med doctor. He goes in tomorrow and will be put back on something and likely be going to psychotherapy as well. He stabled out a long while back and his doctors agreed to take him off. So much has happened and he has so many stresses falling onto him now. He feels responsible for everything and everyone.

Branwen and Co, please if you can manage get in contact with me. Are you guys still planning on coming this weekend? I think Aiden really needs a pick up and friendly faces. A party, something fun where he can enjoy himself. There's only so much that I can do here. Between Taben, Allen, Ry and myself we've had no luck. Dean and Dam say he just needs to stew and grieve and needs his space. I've never seen him this bad. The way he clings to me at night when we go to bed. It's disconcerting. He's always been strong. I hope to Gods this hasn't completely broken him.

I guess I'll leave it at that. I need to get back to work on this report for work. I'll try and get another update tomorrow. I'll catch ya all later.

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