Monday, April 4, 2011

Can anyone recommend...

...a good tracking collar? Because I apparently need to get one for Aiden so I can track him down when he randomly disappears.

I get it. He's upset and probably on his way to a break down. But he needs to tell me where he's going. Kelly told us to stay inside and lay low. That's what we're supposed to be doing. Not running around and trying to get revenge and get ourselves killed.

We don't need more deaths to worry about. Really we don't. This is a complete mess. A complete disaster.

So, yeah. Tracking collar suggestions? Or maybe we should get him micro-chipped or something?


  1. A micro-chip is a little bit nicer than a collar, but who's to say the various energies won't short either of them out? It's happened with us a few times.

  2. I guess you have a point. Aiden's already pissing and moaning that his camera doesn't work when he wants to do some photography. It's really sad. Of all the people thrown into his position he's gotta be a photographer.

  3. Sammi was unbelievable amounts of angry when her pictures didn't come out either...the two photographers...heh.

    I hope Todd can help.

    ~ Branwen

  4. I'm most worried about Dean and Candy at this point in time. We've just finally gotten Candy to sleep. Dean's still pacing and being mute. We can't get him to even just post a journal or say anything. I don't even know. Aiden said Todd, Slendy and Himself just... didn't like what was seen when they got down there. We don't like what the fire marshals are saying either. I'm going to be staying home with the kids tomorrow. I'm forcing Aiden to go to class with Taben he needs to be occupied. Ry has to go in for an advisor appointment so they'll both be there.

    I just don't know what to do for Dean and Candy. I wish Dean would sleep.