Friday, April 8, 2011

Legal Guardians

Aiden and I are now listed as Candice and Dean's legal guardians. While there, Candice announced her case and intentions about wanting to get her legal name change. We filled out the paperwork and filed it while we were in office. They said they could transfer it up to our county (as we had to do all this in Columbus where everything was filed). Who are we to fighter her with it. And it's not like anything's really changing. Her name would be Samantha Candice once the papers go through. Yes. Aiden's mother was named Samantha Candice. Sam's chosen this to share her mother in honor of her mom. She's old enough to make her own decisions. And we support her and are not going to fight her on it.

After everything was done we to a mall got some more of their necessities and then went out to a nice lunch together. It was really nice.

We're home now and we're getting ready to assist Taben with dinner. And I kinda wanna see Taben beat Aiden for not sticking to his side of the bargain and bringing steaks home for dinner. Taben did post.

We got everything taken care of as well. We've got a small catering company coming in for food tomorrow. We'll have the ceremony in the back yard here. We're still trying to figure what we should do for a memorial. They had wanted to be buried at one of the small cemeteries here that allow natural burials. they don't embalm, put you in a simple wooden crate and bury you and plant a tree over your grave. Your body then feeds and returns to the earth from which it was born. Of course, it's uncertain what to do with this now. They had two plots, but now, I don't know. We'll worry about that later. Aiden's wanting to gather the ashes from the area where he believe they burned in the house and spread them in the forest. behind the house here. We're leaning towards doing that and then planting some trees in their honor. It's still up in the air. We'll take that as it comes. I just want to see the three through tomorrow.

It's amazing everyone that's here for Aiden, Sam and Dean. It really is. It means so much to me to know we have everyone's support. Thank you, everyone. It's been hard on us. But we're moving on. I think everything's finally hitting everyone. It's really quiet compared to the last few days with all the teasing and childish bickering. Anyways I need to get going and help with dinner. Anyone that's coming tomorrow, we'll see you tomorrow. Take care and be safe coming up here.

Oh and... Bran. Is... Todd going to be present? I was just wondering and all. Just, the whole mask thing. I don't think would be appropriate. At the same time, Aiden really seems to want him here. I'm kinda torn about it.

Off to dinner now. See ya all later.


  1. Ask if Aiden wants him to be there. Todd's not all that stubborn. At least he wouldn't be here.

    He might have things to do anyways.

    ~ Branwen

  2. Aiden does want him here. He said he needs his proxies? I'm so confused. I mean technically isn't Todd the only one he has? And ten Todd's more of an agent?

    At the same time. We're his damned family. why can't he be alright with just us?

    but then why did he say proxies? Why is it plural? I'm so worried about him Bran. He was doing so well and he just.. broke down tonight. Hard... He cried until he fell asleep. I'm really worried.