Thursday, January 6, 2011

So here I am.

Yeah, my fiancée had been bugging me and poking me for forever to make an account here and start blogging. Well I'm here.  I couldn't find people that would need to know so I made a blog to find them through their blogs and contact them.

I've just gotten back from the hospital. Aiden's been there since Tuesday morning when he had a fever of 105 and couldn't move and... well I was scared to death. Apparently that H1N1 stuff is still going around, and I'm even happier now that I had the vaccine and am considered safe. I stayed with Aiden until they declared that he was safe and not in any danger. I couldn't call off work again or I'd risk loosing my job. With luck they'll be releasing him Tuesday. They want to keep him a week and make sure that he's no longer contagious or a danger. It was... really scary there. I was so scared I was going to loose him. It was so scary how he just... plummeted from being so well to.. nothing. He was sleeping horrible and I contributed it to the creepy movies he and out friends Bran and Tabby had watched new years eve. The fact he was bothered by events that had happened to Bran that evening and the next morning. Apparently it was all due to him being sick though. Or so it seems. I can't wait for him to get home. I've been so worried and scared and now that we've been given a grean light and an okay I feel I can calm down. I'm going to go back and visit him again but I just needed to come home, shower and vent. It's been extremely stressful the last few days. At least Aiden's better. Things will get better now.  It's so quiet in this house without him. I can't wait to have him back.

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