Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick update

Between stories at work. Taking a moment to stop, get something to eat and use Starbucks' wi-fi to update. Since I came right home and went to bed last night after visiting Aiden. He was awake (finally) really confused but it's nice to see him being responsive. His fever's dropped and he seems to be getting strength back slowly. Doc says that likely tomorrow will be his release. It'll be nice to have him home, it's too quiet without him. And that just makes the place big, eerie and just... really creepy. Ah well how many people can say that they own a home at the age of twenty-two? Still, it'll be nice for things to be not as quiet and the house a little more filled. Now if we could just solve the desire for a house mate.

Ok, need to get going the next destination is about an hour away. I've had my coffee and scone. I'll be visiting Aiden after I'm done and have reported in. I'll try and update tonight. I don't usually do this stuff (the journal thing) but I want people to be updated. Ah well. Maybe I'll keep using it once Aiden's home. Prolly won't happen though.


  1. ...I swear I posted on here last night. I think the blog ate it. Regardless, my concern and empathy stands.
    I had H1N1 last year. For two weeks. It was terrible. :(
    Glad to hear Aiden's doing better. Take care of him. Make sure he doesn't do something dumb to make himself relapse. C:

  2. You mean like stay up for three days straight? Seriously. Wish you guys hadn't watched those videos. At the same time, it's really odd for Aiden to be so scared of things. Though now that I think on it it's probably the whole still sick thing. He's coming home today. I'm gonna make him lay in bed and wait on him hand and foot. No more scares like this. It'll be the death of me.

  3. ...I was wondering how this was affecting him more than me. He's still that frightened? That's extremely...backwards. I guess it's from being sick...

  4. Yeah, I think it's just the whole sick thing. He's sleeping after eating. He's not really talking to me about anything he's just.. worn out. Gonna work on keeping him well. I've got blankets piled on him as well as our electric blanket craned up on high. I'm gonna make homemade chicken soup for him for dinner. He's always liked it so hopefully that'll help him.