Monday, May 16, 2011


We're in Orlando, Florida now. We got in from the cruise at about 10pm last night. Drove up here to our hotel and then passed out. Aiden's out. The cruise was great to start off, but sudden seasickness developed for him and after the first couple of days it was hell for him. I feel sorry for him, then again I don't. I think that had he not looked over the edge to throw those bottles into the ocean he'd have been fine. It was after that that he really freaked out and then the whole seasickness started. The week and couple day cruise was nice. Aiden's sea sickness did calm down something but acted up at night so he slept horrible. It's really weird. I'd never heard of that happening before like that. It's behind us though so time to move on. I'm just gonna let Aiden rest though and go and worry about our breakfast. Then we'll be spending out day at Animal Kingdom. Yes, we're going to Disney World, and we're going to act like little kids and we are going to love it. Anything to keep our minds off of going home. What we've heard is everyone's doing well up there. We've phoned when we could and talked to those at home. We miss them, but this is what Ai and I really needed to help us. I love that man so much and I still say I'm the luckiest person alive. Though, at the same time, looking back. Well... we know we'll loose most of the friends we made eventually. Comes with the job, right? But there's nothing that says we can't try and stop it from happening. We just need to keep pretending it was all just a dream. That's what we've been trying to do since the bottles were dropped. We'll manage to keep doing it till we can't anymore. And that won't happen until we get home. So we still have a couple weeks.

So off I go. I'm sure when Ai wakes he'll make a post and then it'll be back to ignoring technology so we can enjoy each other's company and have fun. Take care all. Stay safe. Eyes open.

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