Monday, June 13, 2011


We heard from Aiden and Taben two days ago. They had said they had just gotten into the area of where Malkin and Chastin were. They were on a mission of sorts to go and get them and bring them back here so they would be safe and we could get stuff figured out for them. I guess they had had problems getting there or something? They had gotten lost? I don't know the whole of it, I didn't ask I was just relieved to hear from the,. Their mode of transportation should be pretty instantaneous though, so I'm a big concerend now that I think on it more.

So this is a shout out to Chastin and/or Malkin. Have Aiden and Taben gotten there? And they just can't get to phone or computer and update us? We're getting kinda worried over here.

By the way, hello everyone. No. I'm not dead. I've graduated and gone full time into working. I come home in the evening have dinner and go to bed. Home life is just that. Home life. just a bit screwy since we have the No Faced Gang hanging around all the time. It still puts me on edge every time I see them appear. I don't know how anyone can get used to it. I don't know how Aiden and Taben do it.

But yeah, if anyone sees this let us know what the heck's up please? It would be very much appreciated.


  1. We haven't heard anything yet D:

  2. Still nothing. I think they went to get Chastin first since he's, you know, batshit crazy. I hope he didn't hurt them D: he's gotten to be extremely dangerous and unpredictable

  3. That seems the logical choice. I just hope they're alright. We're just waiting for something. We keep trying cell phones but we get busy signals, static, and voice mail. We're becoming worried. I hope that everything's alright. I'm worried as all get out. Please let me know as soon as you hear anything. Even a peep. Let's hope that they're all kinds of jet lagged from a change of timezone? I... don't know. What timezone are you in anyways?